New York Salsa Classes For All Dance Levels | Salsa Classes in NYC!

If you stumble dancing salsa, smile and make it part of the dance!

Top Salsa Classes in NYC, Salsa Classes NYC is a dance school based in New York. We offer salsa classes for students with all levels of experience. You will learn how to dance salsa New York style, sweat, and have fun.

LEVEL 1: This beginner salsa classes are perfectly suited for students with no prior salsa dance experience, You will familiarize yourself with salsa rhythms, basic salsa steps and explore your own NYC salsa moves. At the end of our salsa classes you will have a fresh combination of salsa shines to take back to the NYC dance floor.MORE

LEVEL 2: This salsa classes are for students who have some prior salsa dance experience or have completed our NYC beginner salsa classes curriculum. These salsa classes will help you master more challenging salsa shines, but will mainly focus on learning salsa turning techniques and partner patterns. MORE


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Salsa Classes NYC Cancellation & Booking Policy. A minimum of 72 hours notice is needed to signup, cancel or re-schedule without charge. Otherwise, the total amount paid will be collected without a refund, whichever was booked for that time. Class location may change based on class size or other unforeseen circumstances. Thank you and please email our PR team about your experience.

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